AQEIPS Bursary

This year, the Quebec Association for Equity and Inclusion in Post-Secondary Education (AQEIPS) is launching the 23rd  edition of its scholarships program for post-secondary students with disabilities.

Amount:up to $1000

Number: multiple

Deadline: March 1st Annually 


To be eligible to win an AQEIPS scholarship, candidates must meet the following requirements:
• Be an active AQEIPS member (you can apply to become a member with your scholarship application);
• Have a permanent disability, as certified some time over the last five years by a doctor or advisor at the educational institution you are attending;
• Have completed or be registered to at least one course between September 2020 and April 2021 in a post-secondary institution;
• Be a Quebec resident since December 31, 2020, or before;
• Commit to attending the AQEIPS annual general meeting (end of April) to receive their scholarship OR to record an acceptance video on their part that will be presented at the meeting; Scholarships program 2020-2021 Page 3 de 6
• Students who have received an AQEIPS scholarship in the past are not eligible for the current program unless they apply in a different category;
• Current AQEIPS Board of Directors members and employees are not eligible;
• Provide all the required supporting documents listed in the following section.

How to Apply

For informtation on how to apply to the AQEIPS Scholarship Program and the application go to AQEIPS’ website 

To submit your application for a 2020-2021 AQEIPS scholarship, you must send AQEIPS the 6 documents listed below by February 1st, 2021.

Required Documents

(1) Duly completed scholarship application form
(2) AQEIPS membership form
(3) A cover letter of 500 to 750 words on one of the following themes:
(a) How your personal background led you to your program of study, or (b) How your social and community engagement reflects your priorities
(4) Your curriculum vitae (CV) Scholarships program 2020-2021 Page 4 de 6
(5) An official document (no older than 5 years) stating that you have a permanent disability (for example, a medical note or a letter from the service centre for SWD from your educational institution) (6) A proof of registration for the semester starting in September 2020 (for example, transcript, attestation of studies, etc.) to a postsecondary institution in Quebec recognized by the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) or a professional training recognized by a professional order in Quebec. If you are not registered for the fall semester, please mention it in your application. We will ask you later to provide an attestation of studies for the semester starting in January 2021.

Please send your application in PDF format to: If it is not possible for you to send the  application by email, you can mail it to the following address: AQEIPS Scholarships Committee 425 Sherbrooke Street East, Suite 06 Montreal, Quebec H2L 1J9

Contact Information

Scholarships Program Selection Committee
425 Sherbrooke Street East, Suite o6
Montreal, Quebec H2L 1J9

Toll Free:1-866-959-9451

Updated: 2024/01/06