Minds in Motion Awards

The Minds in Motion awards, offered by the Justin Eves Foundation, are available to students in Ontario with learning disabilities. 

Amount: varies

Number available: varies

Deadline: June 30th, 2022

The Justin Eves Foundations goal is to help disadvantaged students with learning disabilities in their post-secondary education.

The Minds In Motion awards were established to help with the costs of tuition, specialized software, tutors, note takers and other essential accommodations that are needed so that students with learning disabilities can achieve their potential at school. Since 1997 the foundation has helped approximately 800 disadvantaged students with learning disabilities.


Applicants must:

  • reside in Ontario
  • have graduated from an Ontario secondary school
  • have a documented learning disabilities that meets the accepted definition* (see note below)

*Please note that this does not include learning problems caused primarily by other disorders such as: Mild intellectual disability; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Brain injury; ADHD, or other psychiatric conditions.

Preference will be given to students in their first program of study.

Further criterion can be found on the Minds in Motion awards application process webpage that act as a guideline only that is used at the discretion of their ‘closed-door’ committee to assess each application uniformly. This webpage provides further information on the different criterion for the Justin Eves Foundation basic grants (valued up to $3000) and the ‘Friend’ of the Justin Eves Foundation awards (valued up to $5000).

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted to the Justin Eves Foundation prior to June 30th, 2022, to be considered for the 2022-2023 academic year. Email applications to ldelair@justinevesfoundation.com

Applications must include the following:

  • Completed Minds in Motion awards application form
  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts from secondary school and/or college or university
  • Photocopy of secondary school diploma
  • Recent (no more than 3 years old) neurodevelopment or neuropsychological assessment administered by or under the supervision of a registered psychologist or individual qualified and experienced in the diagnosis of learning disabilities
    • The Justin Eves Foundation can provide applicants with information regarding how to obtain an updated assessment at low or no cost so that this is in place prior to starting school.
  • A minimum of one current letter of recommendation

Optional documents to include with your application:

  • Documentation demonstrating financial need
  • Information from OSAP indicating loan amount available to you
  • Parent/guardian statement

Full details on the required and optional documents are available in the appendices of the Minds in Motion awards application form.

Note: Students who are re-applying for a bursary must submit a new application package- acceptance is based on competition and submission of a new and complete application.

Contact Information

If you have any issues submitting your application, contact The Justin Eves Foundation office directly at ldelair@justinevesfoundation.com

Phone: (416)-586-0085

Website: https://www.justinevesfoundation.org/

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Last updated: 2023-05-18