Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary

The Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary is open to students in British Columbia diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Amount: $5000 ($2500 for fall and winter semesters)

Number Available: there may be more than one

Deadline: August 15, 2023

Raghava Sristi worked as a Software Engineer for Belmar Consulting from 2018 – 2021 where he developed custom solutions on the Salesforce.com platform. Raghava was an incredibly caring colleague who exemplified the core values of Belmar, while living with Schizophrenia.

In memory of Raghava, Belmar is offering an annual bursary, awarded to students pursuing a career in Software Engineering or Information Technology.

This is a one-time bursary that will be paid directly to the accredited institution for the eligible program in the name of the award winner.

This bursary is offered in collaboration with the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society.


  • The bursary offers financial assistance for education opportunities in which students work to attain a certificate, diploma, or degree from an accredited institution participating in full-time studies
  • Applicants must be pursuing a post-secondary education in Computer Science or Information Technology
  • The bursary will be effective for the Fall 2022 and the Winter 2023 school terms; applicants must be planning to attend school and be accepted for the eligible program during this period
  • Applicant must be diagnosed with Schizophrenia
  • Applicant must be a resident of BC
  • Employees of Belmar Consulting and/or BC Schizophrenia Society, and members of the selection committee may not apply for this bursary.

How to Apply

Please read through the application package available on the Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary webpage. The document can be viewed in the browser or downloaded as a PDF.

A complete application must include all of the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of residency (e.g., government issued ID or utility invoice)
  • A completed personal reference form from a professional such as a doctor, a mental health professional, a teacher, or an employer. Use the Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary Reference Form.
  • A letter describing career and study goals and why the applicant selected the Eligible Program
    • The applicant’s experiences and how they have learned to cope with a mental
      illness may also be included.
    • Applicants must include the name of the educational institution they plan to attend and the specific courses/programs they are applying for.

You can apply online using the Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary Online Application Form. The online application form is broken down into several small pages. Please complete the information on each page, review your information at the end, then submit your application.

Keep in mind that:

  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the application are required.
  • You must have scripting enabled on your browser in order for the application to function properly.
  • You must click the ‘Finish’ button at the end to send your application to our Office of Admission.
  • Review your application at the end before you submit it.

All aspects of the application must be submitted by August 15, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Process

All information submitted in the Bursary Application Package is for the selection committee only and will be kept confidential.

Award winners will be notified by e-mail or by phone per the contact information provided on the application form. Only the award winners will be notified.

Bursary cheques are made payable to the applicant’s chosen accredited eligible institution (i.e., college, university or recognized educational institute) for the Program and will be mailed to the eligible institution at the address identified on the application form, upon receipt of enrollment confirmation.

The award recipients will also be asked to report the outcome of the educational experience.

The awards will be distributed by the BC Schizophrenia Society in partnership with Belmar Consulting.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, questions, or concerns, please contact the Belmar team at marketing@belmar.ca

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Source: the Raghava Sristi Annual Bursary webpage and application package.

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Last updated: 2023-01-02