Effie Close and Andrew Jamault Bursaries

The Effie Close and Andrew Jamault Bursaries are available to students residing in Saskatchewan who are wheelchair users. 

Amount: $2000

Number: Varies

Deadline: December 1st (annually)

The Kinsmen Foundation is pleased to be the administrator of the Effie Close and Andrew Jamault Bursaries. Both Ms. Close and Mr. Jamault bequeathed estate funds to the Kinsmen Foundation to establish these bursaries.


The bursaries will be awarded to full-time students who have graduated grade 12 in Saskatchewan and who are wheelchair users.

  • The students may be in any year of any discipline or program
  • The recipient must be a resident of Saskatchewan
  • The recipient must demonstrate financial need and
  • The recipient must demonstrate academic achievement (based on the nature and extent of the disability)
Interesting things you might want to know:
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • The award will be announced annually at the beginning of March.
  • Selection will be at the sole discretion of the Kinsmen Foundation
  • In the Application you will be ask to fill out different types of information. Some of these types of questions may be but limited to.
    • General Information
      • Your Name
      • Address
      • Age
      • Phone #
    • Education Information
      • The High school you graduated from
      • Student Number
      • Area of Study
      • Current year if program
      • Cumulative grade point average
    • Financial Information
      • Total Expenses for current school year
      • Income earned in the last 12 months
      • Total values of all assets
      • Total values of debts
        • What is included/causes of your Debts
    • Personal Statement
      • Please tell us about yourself, highlighting why you feel you should be considered for this bursary and anything you would like to share
        regarding your education, challenges in pursuing it and other information you think may be relevant to the selection committee.

How to Apply

Applications can be downloaded here. As applicants for both bursaries are required to submit the following:

  • The completed application form
  • Confirmation of your disability
  • An original or school certified copy of your Saskatchewan Education Record of Standing or a School Transcript with the school seal or stamp
  • Two letters of reference
  • Confirmation of full-time registration at Saskatchewan based University or technical school
  • For more information click here to acess the webstie

Contact Information

Richard Kies

Executive Director

Kinsmen Foundation

Ph: (306) 244-6400 Ext #5

Email: kin.richard@telemiracle.com


Kinsmen Foundation Inc.
2217C Hanselman Court
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A8
Phone 306-244-6400
or 1-877-777-8979

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