Government of British Columbia Funding for Students with Disabilities

Full-Time Students with a Permanent Disability

If you have a documented Permanent disability is a functional limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts the person’s ability to participate in post-secondary studies or in the labor force, and that is expected to remain for the person’s natural life.” and will be studying at a Designated school is a post-secondary school that has been approved by the Province of British Columbia as eligible for Canada student loan and StudentAid BC loan programs. This designation may apply to all or only some of the study programs offered by the school. It the student’s school or program is not designated, then the student’s application for funding will be denied.,the following programs may help you.

  • Appendix 8 (Request for permanent disability programs)

Provincial grants and bursaries

Other resources

Part-Time Students with a Permanent Disability

If you have a documented permanent disability and will be studying part-time at a designated post-secondary institution, the following programs may help you:

List of All B.C. Grants and Scholarships 

Repayment assistance plan for borrowers with a permanent disability

Canada RAP-PD and B.C. RAP-PD have the same eligibility requirements. You may be eligible for Canada and B.C. RAP-PD if you:

  • have a Canada-B.C. integrated student loan;
  • are a resident of Canada;
  • have a permanent disability; and
  • meet the income threshold set for the program

BC Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with Permanent Disabilities (BC RAP-PD)

Visit the British Columbia Student Financial Aid Website for more information

Last Updated: 2024-06-15