Government of Nunavut Funding for Students with Disabilities

Student Financial Assistance Program Overview

Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students Program (FANS), funds students attending postsecondary education programs. FANS ensures that financial need is not a barrier to higher education. FANS is governed by Nunavut’s Student Financial Assistance Act and Regulations The government of Nunavut has a manual about FANS policies. Learn about and view the FANS application.

For more information about FANS  the student handbook

Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities

FANS provides a grant for students with disabilities it is intended to help you with the extraordinary costs associated with your permanent disability.  You must provide a medical or learning ability assessment by a certified medical professional describing the manner in which your disability impacts on your ability to participate in post-secondary studies. FANS provides a disability assessment form.

You can apply to this grant at any time during the academic year.


You must provide a medical or learning ability assessment from a qualified professional describing the way your disability limits your ability to participate fully in post-secondary studies.Go online to for all application forms and please contact a FANS officer at: 1.877.860.0680 or

Last Update: 2023-01-03