Kenneth Bimmann Scholarship

The Kenneth Bimmann Scholarship is available to students who are studying at the University of Saskatchewan and have a physical disability. 

Amount: $1100 or $900, Depending on where you look

Number Available: varies

Deadline: October 1st Annualy

A massive thank you to Kenneth Bimmann Fund for sponsoring the Kenneth Bimmann Scholarship. There are a few web-sites that seam to be more recently updated with more information/ current information that’s why the amount and deadline varies. One of these web-sites is Study-In-Canada. Since it is not the official web-page for the university of Saskatchewan so take it at face value and don’t completely trust it and just go off of the official web-page until proven otherwise.


Open to students who have completed at least one year of study in the undergraduate or graduate degree program in the College of Engineering or general degree. Preference will be given to students with a physical or learning disability who have registered with the office of Access and Equity Services. In the event there are no eligible candidates in the above category, the award will be open to students who are members of a visible minority or who are of Aboriginal descent.

Some things not Note:
  • In the event that there are no eligible candidates who are members of a visible minority, of Indigenous descent or having a physical or learning disability, selection will be made on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.
  • You Need to be a full time student
  • You don’t need to be a Canadian Citizen for this award.
  • This is not a renewable award

How to Apply

Log into your U of S portal and fill out the Engineering Awards Application.

Candidates must submit a statement attesting that they are registered with the office of Disability Services for Students, that they are a visible minority, or that they are of Aboriginal descent.

Selection is based on academic achievement, or financial need and academic achievement.

Contact Information

Email with questions or concerns or contact the Engineering Student Center for details.

105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK

Phone Number- 306-966-1212

Last Updated:2023/01/06