MADD Canada Bursary Program

Available to students who have been severely injured or who have had an immediate family member killed or severely injured as a result of an impaired driving crash.

Amount: $10,000 and $5,000

Deadline: May 31st


Applicants must:

  • be Canadian citizens
  • have themselves been severely injured or who have had a parent, legal guardian, or sibling killed or severely injured as a result of an impaired driving crash
  • be enrolled in a full-time, ministry-approved, post-secondary educational program

How to Apply

Application form available here.

Applications must include:

  • a completed, signed, and dated application form
  • supporting documentation clearly indicating that the crash was a result of impaired driving (ex. coroner’s report, police report, newspaper clippings, etc)
  • if applying because you or a parent, legal guardian, or sibling suffered a severe or catastrophic injury from an impaired driving crash – evidence of the injury
  • if your last name is different from the immediate family member who was killed or injured – proof of the relationship (ex. birth certificate, letter from a community professional, etc)
  • a statement of the impact the event has had on you and your family (maximum 2 pages)
  •  the most up-to-date transcript of school grades

Contact Information

MADD Canada Bursary Program

PO Box 45531 Chapman Mills

Ottawa, ON K2J 0P9

Fax: (905) 829-8860

Phone: (613) 843-8877

Toll Free: (886) 876-5224