Merylyn K. Vann Bursary

The Merylyn K. Vann Bursary is open to students with disabilities enrolled in any undergraduate degree program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Amount: $6000

Number Available: 1

Deadline: October 1st annually 

There is another source from the University of Saskatchewan called school finder, and they are saying that the Merylyn K. Vann Bursary the amount its worth is $3000. So don’t expect it being $6000 for the 2020 year just in-case.

Thank you so much to the Fedoruk Family Fund for funding the Merylyn K. Vann Bursary.


  • Students need to be in financial need to be considered.
  • Must be a student of the University of Saskatchewan
  • Must have a disability
Some things to note:
  • Canadian Citizen ship is not required
  • You must have a full-time course load
  • You can be in any year of study for either a Bleacher or Doctorate
  • You also can be in any field of study
  • This is not a renewable award

How to Apply

Log into your U of S portal and fill out the Application for Continuing Bursaries.

Contact Information

Contact the awards center at for further information.

105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK

Phone Number- 306-966-1212

Updated: 2023/01/06