Normand Brie Foundation

The Normand Brie Foundation provides financial support to individuals facing obstacles to success; students with disabilities residing in Quebec can apply.  

Amount: varies

Number: multiple

Deadline: open at all times

The Foundation was created by Normand Brie, founder of Normandin Restaurants, to support people who are motivated to achieve their goals, but who are facing an obstacle. A personal initiative inspired by values ​​of solidarity, the Foundation acts as a generous and well-informed member of the family. Thus, help is offered to contribute to a concrete solution.

The Normand Brie Foundation provides individuals who face an obstacle in their lives with the tools they need to overcome it, as part of a personal initiative already undertaken.

This Foundation also helps to promote EDUCATION by:

  • paying the cost of the services of a professional counselor and technical training leading to a trade to anyone who has not completed secondary V;
  • providing financial assistance to pay school and living expenses for people on low incomes;
  • offering scholarships to people demonstrating exceptional qualities of leader and entrepreneur.

There are two major points to remember here.

  • First, an obstacle is a problematic situation that the person can solve with the help of the Foundation.
  • Second, the support provided by the Foundation achieves a goal that the person has already identified.


An application may be made for anyone residing in Quebec.

The help provided by the Foundation is logistical in that it covers the costs of providing a person with the means to overcome an obstacle.

The Foundation helps promote HEALTH by providing financial support to anyone:

  • disabled or ill in the form of medical diagnostic services, medical care, supplies or equipment;
  • addicted to alcohol, drugs, and gambling by defraying the costs of a treatment program;
  • suffering from psychological problems diagnosed.

How to Apply

To able for more information and to view the aid application it can be found on the website.

Here is the list of documents to send us to complete your application for support in the HEALTH component :

  • a photocopy of your health insurance card, photo only;
  • a photocopy of the diagnosis or order issued by a specialist concerning the treatments, equipment or medications that are the subject of the application;
  • a detailed submission of the treatments, equipment or drugs that are the subject of the application;
  • a photocopy of your insurance coverage, if applicable.

It is important to note that the Foundation does not give any money directly to the individuals it helps. It pays for costs deemed relevant as part of a process undertaken by a person to achieve his goal.

All documents must be sent in one single email to or by mail at 2335, boulevard Bastien, Quebec, QC, G2B 1B3.

Each of the requested documents is essential for the analysis of your file. Upon receipt of these, you may be contacted by a Foundation official for more information regarding your request.

In addition, please note that if your request for support is successful, we will ask you to provide us with certain financial information.

Contact Information

Normand Brie Foundation
2335 Bastien Boulevard
Québec, Quebec G2B 1B3
418 842-2065


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