Richard (Asher) Webb Social Justice Activist Memorial Award

This is an $800 award given annually to a student who demonstrates exceptional effort and/or the ability to lead, organize and engage students or members of the community in embodying the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism and social justice.

Amount:  800$
Number Available: 1
Deadline: February 15

About: The successful recipient will be a community activist, advocate or leader who has worked for systemic changes at various levels and with various social identities in mind. Their advocacy may involve (but is not limited to): human rights, LGBTT* issues, anti-racism, anti-poverty, public health, non-violence, community-building and student engagement, or encouraging others on issues of social justice that impact the lives of students and the broader community.


Applications will be evaluated by the Diversity Awards Selection Committee, based on the following criteria:

  • Making a significant contribution to equity, inclusion and social justice through community engagement, either in specific positions of responsibility or while involved in organizing activities. (Requirements: Student statement and at least one reference letter)
  • Engaging and inspiring other students or members of the community to advocate on social justice issues that impact the lives of students or the general community.
  • Financial needs may also be considered. Applicants may choose to complete the financial section of the application, and/or include information.

    How to Apply

All full-time and part-time Red River College students are welcome to apply. The general application form must be accompanied by a student statement and required letter(s) of reference in order to be considered. The deadline for applications is February 15.

General RRC Application required. To apply click here

Contact Information

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Last Updated: 2023/01/05