University of Saskatchewan Ability Scholarships

The University of Saskatchewan Ability Scholarships are open to students with disabilities enrolled in any undergraduate degree program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Amount: $2000

Number Available: 5

Deadline: June 1st, (Annually)

Selection is based on academic achievement or a combination of academic achievement and other selection criteria, as specified by individual scholarship criteria. Recipients will be selected and notified by email by the first day of classes. The 2020-2021 Continuing Scholarships application form will be available by March 15, 2020.


  • Must be a student at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Must have completed at least one year of study
  • Must be full-time or approved to study on a reduced course load
  • Must be registered with Access and Equity Services

Unless the award conditions state otherwise, undergraduate awards for continuing students are open to full-time students who have successfully completed at least one year of study at the University of Saskatchewan and:

  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 18 credit units at the U of S in the previous fall and winter terms (September to April)* with a sessional average of at least 65%. All courses attempted during the fall and winter terms will be used in the average calculation.
  • There are some exceptions:
    • For reduced course load
      • Students with disabilities who cannot meet the credit unit requirement because of their disability will be given consideration as long as they have been granted approval to study on a reduced course load. Students approved to study on a reduced course load are required to complete 12 credit units during the previous fall and winter terms if they wish to be considered for scholarships or bursaries.Reduced course load is available to students with permanent disabilities. These students are enrolled in 40-59% of a full course load in each term, but are considered full-time students. To confirm a disability a student can submit one of the following:
        • Medical certificate
        • Other professional assessment
        • Statement from the Disability Services for Students office
        • Statement from another disability-related organization

        The confirmation must comment on whether the student is engaged in the maximum number of courses the student could be expected to handle given the disability. The onus will be on the student to let the college and department know that they have circumstances that require special consideration. It will be at the discretion of the college or department to determine if a reduced course load exception will apply to awards they administer.

    • For Dual Registered Students
      • Dual registered students, in addition to their University of Saskatchewan courses, are completing credit units at another post-secondary institution(s) on a letter of permission from their college/department. The credit units completed at the other institution(s) are transferable towards the completion of a University of Saskatchewan degree. Dual registered students can combine the credit units they completed at the U of S and at the other post-secondary institution(s) they attended to reach the 18 credit units required for scholarship or bursary eligibility.
    • For Visiting students and students on an exchange program
      • University of Saskatchewan students who receive approval to attend another institution as a visiting student on a letter of permission or as a participant in a formal exchange program will be eligible upon their return for all centrally administered undergraduate awards. During their tenure at the other institution, students must have completed sufficient transferable credit units in the previous Regular Session to meet all scholarship and award credit unit requirements.At their discretion, college and department award committees may consider visiting and exchange students for college- and department-administered awards.

        In all cases, it is the responsibility of students to notify the appropriate awarding body of their wish to be considered for University of Saskatchewan awards, and to provide that body with a complete academic transcript of their previous year of study.

    • For Huskie Athletes
      • Averages for Huskie Athletes, to be used for the purpose of awarding athletic awards with no academic component, are initially calculated based on all courses attempted during the previous year’s Regular Session (September to April).If after the Regular Session, the student
        • has not successfully completed a minimum of 18 credit units, or
        • has not achieved the minimum 65% average as required by CIS,

        the average can be re-calculated to include courses completed during the subsequent Spring & Summer Session (May to August).

        All courses attempted during either time frame (September to April or September to August) will be used in the calculation of the award average.

How to Apply

Log into your U of S portal and fill out the Application for Continuing Scholarships.

Contact Information

Contact the awards center at for further information.