Dr. John Davis Burton Award

The Dr. John Davis Burton Award is awarded annually to a student attending Carleton University, Algonquin College, La Cité Collègiale, or the University of Ottawa. Amount: Varies Number Available: 1 Applications Open: April 1st annually Deadline: May 31st annually This award

APUS Bursary Program

The APUS Bursary Program is available to part-time students at the University of Toronto. Amount: $1000 Number: on average one bursary is offered each term Deadline: February 4, 2023, at 5pm EST

Lillian R. Stegne Memorial Bursaries

The Lillian R. Stegne Memorial Bursaries are available to students attending McMaster University who are registered with SAS.  Amount: unknown Number Available: unknown Deadline: Jan 11th 2020 with the supporting documents due Jan 22nd 202[2021-2022 information is currently unavailable]

Jeanne and Peter Nolan Award

The Jeanne and Peter Nolan Award is available to students studying at McMaster University.  Amount: Varies Number Available: Varies Deadline: Sept 8th or April 30 Depending on where you look on the website.