Starlight Casino Bursary

The Starlight Casino Bursary is available to students with disabilities enrolled in the Vocational Education and Skills Training (VEST) program at Douglas College.

Amount: Unknown


  • Fall: August 15th – September 15th
  • Winter: December 15th – January 17th
  • Summer: April 15th – May 15th

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited DBA Starlight Casino established this annual bursary to assist students in financial need who are enrolled in any Vocational Education and Skills Training, or VEST (formerly Adult Special Education) program at Douglas College. The bursary will be used to assist students who cannot afford basic necessities such as food, rent and course supplies.

Starlight Casino and its employees are actively involved in New Westminster and the Metro Vancouver community. The casino has partnered with many local charities, and encourages staff to volunteer for the sheer joy of helping others, knowing that their actions improve quality of life for their employees, partners, and the community.

Recipients can be identified by the Financial Aid Office and/or referred by their program administrator.


You may be eligible if you:

  • are enrolled in any Vocational Education and Skills Training (VEST) program at Douglas College
  • are a registered student
  • are in good academic standing and have a minimum CGPA of 1.50
  • demonstrate financial need
  • are a full-time or part-time student in the term for which the bursary will be received, as stated in the individual bursary qualifications

Participation in college and community activities may also be considered.

How to Apply

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Last Updated: 2023-12-01